Someone Love EP

by Catgod

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released July 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Catgod Oxford, UK

Musical collective based in Oxford combining soul and trip-hop sounds with female-male vocal harmonies.


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Track Name: Someone Love
I’m in my bed thinking of someone.
It might be some I said I love,
I’m in my bed thinking of someone.

Oh you’re teasing me, my forbidden love
So my skin has gone dry without the setting sun,
Please relieve me my hidden love.

What do you say if,
What do you say if you love someone?
Say what if you do?
Do what you say if you someone love.

I lie on your you
And fall asleep to sleepy tunes.
Track Name: I'm Innocent
My throat hurts, my throat hurts
But I’m innocent, I’m innocent,
My throat hurts, my throat hurts
But I’m innocent, I’m innocent.

Again you look on over, guilty
Under the sofa you’re hiding me.
It’s like you do not know her family
But is it a burden? You’re worrying,
you’re worrying, you’re worrying.

You don’t need to tell your mother
If you’re scared to tell your dad
I love you more than I could love her (your mother)
If I sing this to them is cos you asked

It’s backwards, it’s backwards
That I don’t believe, I don’t believe
The stars and the moon they
Don’t follow me, don’t follow me
I’m alone, all alone
Do they pity me, they pity me?
But I’m open, I’m open
Why can’t you be?

You’re a deeper read to me than any other
But some verses I can’t understand
One day I’d like to know your brother
To love you loving them is part of that.
Track Name: Blurry Days
I wanna give up every night I breath,
I wanna take a pill and go to sleep,
But I’m addicted to the way I weaze,
In every corner there’s another week
To carry on.

But the ride tonight is so empty,
My heart is beating on a piece of string,
Swinging back and draining me,
All I know is where I wanna be,
With you my love.
What is it all for?
Tell me my love.

Dust is falling on my body
Where did the time go?
Dust is falling on my body
But the time is so slow

Blurry days under the haze,
I want something to hold.
Given up on going somewhere,
Did I forget the gold?

I wanna suck up every single dream,
Fill me up again till I’m heavy,
And read about the amazing,
I need the energy to keep going,
To carry on.

You know the way to make a dead man breath,
Just go ahead and take his privilege.
So if I go and give away my things and my upbringing
Would I go and get on with it?
Tell me my love.

What is it all for?
Tell me my love.